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Weighbridges in Petrol Residue Neutralization Warehouses

Together with our partner Precia Molen, Scaleit installed and commissioned a number of 22 weighbridges in the petrol residue neutralization warehouses. The weighbridges were installed 2 per warehouse (one placed towards the entrance and one placed towards the exit), there being 11 different warehouses in the counties of Prahova, Dâmbovița, Brăila, Galați, Teleorman, Bacău, Olt, Gorj, Cluj.

Each scale is equipped with a self-weighing terminal. The W8 (Weight) application developed by Scaleit is installed in each warehouse, which allows monitoring the weighing process and synchronizing data with a central database. As the warehouses are located in areas with poor connectivity, data synchronization occurs when the connection is established. Once the data is synchronized, they can be found in each warehouse, therefore a vehicle registered in - let's say - Prahova can then be found in Cluj, without the need for a new registration.

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