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Weighing Automation at the Entry/Exit of the Waste Deposit of URBAN S.A.

URBAN S.A., one of the major operators on the waste collection and processing market, requested a system to automate the weighing process at the entrance/exit of the selective waste collection deposit.

The Scaleit Solution: the two existing weighbridges at the landfill gate are to be equipped with automatic weighing touchscreen terminals, RFID reader and ticket printer. The input terminal should also be equipped with an additional panel with 25 buttons for quick selection of the type of waste by users less used to modern technology.

The terminals are connected to the WeighNET software application produced by Scaleit, an application that manages the interface of the two terminals (displayed messages, required input data - product, supplier, project, etc.) and at the same time controls the traffic on the scale using the set of barriers at the scales' ends. At the same time, WeighNET automatically identifies vehicles at the entrance of each scale by means of ANPR cameras installed in the vicinity of the scales.

By implementing this solution, the beneficiary can eliminate the need for a scale operator to work in three shifts, which will allow better use of staff for profitable purposes, leaving the weighing process to drivers and the automatic Scaleit system.

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