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Truck and Railw Weighbridges in ANRSPS Warehouses

Scaleit supplied prefabricated prestressed concrete weighbridges to the ANRSPS warehouses. These weighbridges are installed in the immediate vicinity of the fuel loading ramps, allowing real-time monitoring of the amount of fuel loaded into the tanks, as well as control of the loading process by operating the loading valves. The current weight is also displayed on a repeater which allows the ramp operator to monitor the loading process in turn.

Given the nature of the product to be weighed, the field equipment is ATEX certified, and the connection between the office and field equipment is ensured by Zener barriers.

Additionally, in one of the ANRSPS warehouses, Scaleit modernised a mechanical rail weighbridge, by adapting the existing foundation, structural reconditioning of the scale, manufacturing a new set of inspection covers, installing electronic equipment, calibrating and commissioning.

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