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Truck and Rail Weighbridges in Constanța Port

For one of the largest port operators for the import and export of agricultural products, Scaleit manufactured, installed and commissioned a number of 4 truck weighbridges and a rail weighbridge.

In the case of truck weighbridges, in order to make the costs of the project more efficient, Scaleit reused the resistance structure of two existing truck weighbridges in the beneficiary's equipment.

The other two weighbridges were manufactured from scratch. All four weighbridges were equipped with new electronics installed by Scaleit. These scales are equipped with vehicle alignment sensors, sensors that block the weight acquisition as long as the vehicle is not properly placed on the load receiver. The weight indicators are connected through the beneficiary's internal network to the PLC system for automatic process control. The measured weight is also visibly displayed for drivers, on the repeaters installed near the scales.

Speaking of the rail weighbridge, we can say that it was installed in the concrete tank embedded in the foundation of the sampling tunnel. The rail weighbridge has a modular construction, with three independent sections that allow weighing all railcar typo-dimensions for grain transport, railcars coupled in train The weighing system is equipped with frame sensors and cameras with railcar number (UIC code) recognition function.

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