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High Quality Truck and Rail Weighbridges Promptly Delivered

Oltina Impex Prod Com, one of the main players in the grain storage and processing market, requested the installation of truck and rail weighbridges in its silage bases. They also requested the modernisation of already existing weighbridges, but - due to the intense use regime and age - they presented various dysfunctions or structural problems. The works covered 7 bases in Prahova, Dâmbovița and Timiș counties, and will continue in 2023 with works in bases in the rest of the country.

The new weighbridges were supplied as a complete package, including the civil works (foundations), these scales being installed underground, at the level of the roadway.

The installed rail weighbridges were installed in precast concrete foundation or directly above the silo discharge tank. In such situations Scaleit also provided the pedestrian grates installed around the weighbridge to ensure the grain flow to the conveyor belt.

In the bases where the structure of the load receiver of the weighbridge was strongly affected by its age and intensive use, Scaleit decided to completely replace the track and recondition the beams of the resistance structure. The roadway was designed from prefabricated concrete slabs, slabs that would allow the weighbridge's downtime to be minimized when the old structure is replaced (requirement imposed by the beneficiary, given the imminence of the harvest). The adopted solutions led to the complete refurbishment of some rickety weighbridges, and their transformation into new scales, ready for long-term use. During the modernisation operations, Scaleit provided a mobile scale (visible in the image below), which would allow the beneficiary to use the base without interruption.

Weighbridge with a severely damaged structure (left). Next to it, you can see the mobile scale installed by Scaleit during the structural refurbishment of the weighbridge.

Last but not least, in the bases that were using electronic weighbridges, Scaleit carried out a complete overhaul, proceeding to completely replace the scale's electronics, in order to unify the type of spare parts used.

Works on the Oltina project will continue in 2023, with new bases where Scaleit's services and scales are needed.

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