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Fast and accurate platform scale made of stainless steel, ideal for weighing palleted goods, with an excellent quality/price ratio. These platform scales are robust and precise systems, easy to use and transport. Mobile weight indicator, with an extensible cord, allowing the user to reposition it according to their logistic needs. When it is not used, the "U"-type scale can be raised in a vertical position, thus saving more space. The load (weight) measurement is done with the use of 4 load cells which send the weight measured to the indicator via a 3 m long shielded cable (standard length). These platform scales are made in conformity with OIML R76 and EN45501 regulations regarding non-automatic weighing devices. Platform scales are available for legal-for-trade or internal use. Platform scale in certified legal-for-trade version.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 1 260 x 800 x 75 mm; 

  • Robust stainless steel structure;

  • Spirit level, transport rollers and handle in the standard equipment of the platform;

  • Works with 4 stainless steel load cells, IP68 degree of protection;

  • The platform is adjustable in height thanks to the shock-resistant stainless steel legs;

  • CE-M certified weighing platforms for legal-for-trade use;

  • The weight indicator keyboard is easy to clean, with stainless steel case, IP65 (resistant to slightly corrosive environments);

  • Battery powered and 230 VAC charger;

  • Maximum resolution of 3,000 divisions (class C3);

  • Serial port for connecting to a PC / printer with serial interface: RS232C, (optional RS485 and USB).

Scale Features:

  • net/gross, kg/lb conversion;

  • Totalising;

  • Data printing / transmission;

  • +/-Deviation check;

  • Maintains displayed weight;

  • Maximum weighed value.

Scale Connectivity:

  • 1 RS232C configurable serial port, for connecting to a printer/labelling device;

  • 1 RS232 (optional RS485) configurable serial port for connecting to a PC/PLC;

Scale Models:


Accessories and Optionals:

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