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Product Description:

GAC 2500 are desk humidometers, which use the UGMA (Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm) algorithm to provide the most accurate and easy to repeat results.

Technical Scale Features:

  • 149 MHz technology for highly accurate results, similar to those obtained in the laboratory by air drying in the oven



    High-precision temperature sensors allow the determination of humidity and hectoliter mass for frozen cereals but also for hot cereals



  • Colour graphic touch screen, 240 x 64 px, reduces operator accommodation time, virtually eliminating the need for specialised training

  • Low number of calibrations

  • Short measurement times


    ± 0,1 % repeatability

  • Improved mechanisms that eliminate the need for maintenance

  • Optional unloading drawer, which reduces the duration of a determination cycle

  • The autorun function eliminates the need for operator interaction during a measurement cycle

  • Extensive memory, which can store up to 3,000 measurements

  • Multiple USB ports on the back of the unit for software update and / or connecting to USB compatible peripherals (printer, etc.)

  • USB port on the frontal face of the device for loading calibration values or exporting data

  • Multilingual Interface: ROMANIAN, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish

  • Operating temperatures: 2 ... 45 °C

  • Relative Humidity: 20 ... 90 % RH

  • Power supplied with a 110/240 Vca network adapter, or an adapter for powering the vehicle's lighter

  • Bi-directional RS232 serial port for connecting to printer or computer

Scale Models:

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