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Product Description:

iDimension Plus sizing systems are the ideal solution for streamlining intra-logistics processes, being specially designed to quickly and accurately determine the volume of packages, envelopes or handled objects. It is also used for real-time transmission of measurement data to the user's IT systems.

iDimension Plus systems can measure any package or object, even without a box, in less than 1 second, the results and image of the object being displayed on the device's 7-inch touch screen.

Everything is under control with iDimension Plus systems.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Easy installation, ready to be used immediately;

  • 7-inch touch screen for real-time display of images and dimensions of the measured objects, while also allowing continuous monitoring of the measuring area;

  • USB A port for connecting the scale and barcode reader via a USB hub (optional);

  • Ethernet port for connecting to the company's computer network;

  • API and SDK software interface available for integration with IT and automation systems;

  • Integrated web server that allows remote monitoring and technical support;

  • Operating temperatures: + 10 ... + 40 ˚C, non-condense;

  • Power supply: 110 ... 240 Vca, 50 Hz.

Top Sensors and Cameras:

  • iDimension Plus combines state-of-the-art 3D imaging technologies with specially developed algorithms to quickly and accurately determine the size of any type of object, even those of irregular shape;

  • Thus, iDimension Plus becomes the fastest static sizing system in its class;

  • These top technologies allow the precise determination of the dimensions of the object to be measured, without the need for precise positioning, thus streamlining the logistics process by reducing operating times;

  • Thanks to the high-definition camera, iDimension Plus records the top image of the measured object to ensure traceability of operations, indispensable traceability in case of disputes over damaged packages. iDimension Plus systems are also available in configurations with 4K cameras for very high resolution colour images (2,880 x 2,160 px);

  • Through the XML API interface, the images thus acquired can be distributed in the user's computer network, in bmp or jpeg format.

USB Connectivity:

  • Barcode reader;

  • 3590ET scale;

  • DFW scale;

  • Rice Lake scale, BenchPro model;

  • Mettler Toledo scale;

  • A&D scale, FG model;

  • NCI scale;

  • Pennsylvania 7300 scale.


  • Approval according to OIML R129 requirements;

  • Approval in accordance with the requirements of the 2014/32 / EU (MID) European Directive;

  • Australia model approval;

  • NTEP (U.S.A) approval.

System Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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