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Product Description:

Multifunctional digital weight indicator for panel installation, ideal for the realisation of platform scales, batch dosing and weighing systems, etc. Equipped with 4 programmable digital inputs and 6 outputs. The wide range of functions and interfaces allow this weight indicator to be used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial weighing applications.

Holds a type-approval certificate, which can be used to make weighing devices for legal-for-trade use.

Main Technical Features:

  • High contrast LED display, 6 digits 20 mm high and 6 function status LEDs;

  • Washable keyboard with 5 function keys;

  • ABS case, for panel installation

  • Dimensions 143,5 x 72 x 129 mm;

  • Panel cropping dimensions 136,5 x 67,5 mm;

  • 24-bit, 4-channel A / D converter with up to 200 conversions per second and 8 linearization points;

  • Can be connected with 16 350 Ω analogue load cells or 32 700 Ω load cells;

  • Up to 1 000 000 displayable divisions in (internal) technological applications with an internal resolution of 3 000 000 points;

  • Power supply 12 ... 24 Vcc. 

  • The indicator can be connected as a master repeater to up to 4 independent scales, having the ability to repeat function keys, display and print cumulative weights of the connected scales.

  •  The indicator can also be used as a repeater for connected scales.


  • 1 RS232 serial port with an RJ11 quick connector, for connecting to a PC, PLC, radio modem or optional interfaces. 

  • 1 RS485/RS232 serial port for connection to the serial industrial network;

  • 1 PROFIBUS serial port (DGTPPB model)

  • 6 digital outputs MOSPHET, 150 mA 48 Vca/150 mA 60 Vcc, NO, with configurable functionality;

  • 4 inputs via optocouplers, 12 ... 24 Vcc, 5 mA ... 20 mA, with configurable functionality;

  • 16-bit analogue output (DGTPAN model), 4 ... 20 mA/0 ... 5 Vcc/0 ... 10 Vcc at choice. Maximum load on current output: 350 Ω. Minimum load applicable on the voltage output: 10 kΩ.

Functional Modes:

  • Weight display in high resolution (x 10);

  • Gross / net weight display;

  • Unit conversion kg / lb;

  • Weight totalisation;

  • Dosing recipes;

  • Part counting;

  • Maintained weight displayed (HOLD);

  • Maintain load peak (HOLD);

  • KEYBOARD FUNCTIONS: zero, semi-automatic tare, default tare, print and / or data transmission, softkey, on / off, backlight configuration, quick mode selection, user menu.

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