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Product Description:

Digital scale with stainless steel frame and colour touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface.
High accuracy thanks to the OIML C6 cell (6,000 divisions) with which these scales are equipped.
Built-in handles and long-lasting rechargeable batteries allow the use of KST scales in mobile weighing and labelling applications.

CE-M certified models for legal-for-trade use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Integral stainless steel structure, robust and easy to maintain

  • Removable stainless steel turntable, 250 x 340 mm, which allows the equipment inspection and its maintenance;

  • OIML C6 certified load cell (6,000 divisions)

  • Fiscal memory (alibi) integrated on the motherboard

  • Possibility to connect an additional scale to the RS232 serial port

  • Possibility to connect up to 3 additional load receivers on independent analogue channels

  • Touch sensitive graphic screen 120 x 90 mm, backlit

  • 3-color warning lamps for check weighing

  • Washable front panel

  • IP44 degree of protection

  • Anti-slip adjustable legs and spirit level under the removable platform;

  • Ergonomic side handles;

  • Power supplied with rechargeable batteries (40 h battery life) and 230 VAC network charger / adapter;

  • Possibility of a thermic printer to be built into the scale (KSTxP models)

  • Standard connection capabilities:

    • 2 bi-directional RS232 serial ports for connecting to a PC, printer, radio modem, etc.;

    • 1 RS232 serial port (optional RS485) for connecting to a repeater display, RFID reader, etc.

    • Optionally, mini-DIN port for keyboard connection or barcode / RFID reader

    • Optionally, 4 opto-isolated digital outputs

    • Optionally, 2 opto-isolated digital inputs

    • Optionally, Profibus external interface for automation system integration

    • Modbus RTU interface

    • Optional Bluetooth interface for connecting to mobile data terminals (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.).

Scale Features:

  • Bringing and keeping zero

  • Gross / net weight display

  • Statistical checking function according to the provisions of the 76/211 / EEC Directive with batch acceptance / rejection criteria

  • Selective destructive / non-destructive legal control

  • Calculation and printing of the batch result and standard deviation

  • Checking the quantity in ml by entering the product density for each item

  • Simultaneous control of up to 10 product lines

  • Horizontal (batch) or vertical (recipe) totalisation with manual or automatic download of the price or quantity

  • 4 independent totalisation levels: partial, general, grand or per product

  • Database of 1,000 articles, each with 3 20-character text fields for description, density, nominal weight, three +/- tolerance thresholds (T1, T2, T3), associated tare (associated packaging)

  • Database of 300 tares (packages)

  • 15 16-character text fields that can be included on the label, e.g. code, batch ID, operator ID, exchange number, etc.

  • Computer function that allows you to add, subtract, or multiply two values, print the result, or apply it to the tare

  • 30 predefined label formats, each with up to 2,048 ASCII positions

Scale Models:

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