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Product Description:

+/- Weight check scale, compact, robust and precise. Designed to be integrated in production and sales lines for check weighing which ensures the quality and quantity delivered. Static or dynamic weighing mode. Available in oven-dried painted steel versions or stainless steel versions (DLWI models).

Technical Scale Features:

  • Oven-dried painted steel or stainless steel resistance structure (DLWI models)

  • Weighing platform with conveyor belt with adjustable direction and height

  • Rear installed transport rollers

  • Height-adjustable legs

  • Conveyor belt speed is adjustable in the range of 8 ... 25 m / min (approx. 25 weighings per minute). Higher speeds available on request

  • Built-in conveyor belt control and 6 additional digital outputs (5 A, 220 VAC)

  • Equipped with photocells for detecting the presence of the product and for finishing the weighing process, with adjustable sensitivity

  • General power button, emergency stop button, start / restart button, optical and audible alarm

  • Easy-to-view graphic LCD display for seeing the weight, weighing status, etc.

  • Washable keyboard (IP65) with 25 numeric and functional keys

  • Real time clock and permanent memory for data storage

  • Alibi memory included in the standard delivery

  • Power supply: 230 Vca, 50 Hz

Scale Features:

  • Static, semi-automatic weighing mode (requires operator intervention)

  • Fully automatic dynamic weighing mode (without operator intervention)

  • Conveyor belt pace control capabilities (upstream, not included in standard supply) for optimizing weighing frequency

  • Function of entering the density of each product for the volumetric measurement (ml, l, etc.) of the products

  • Programmable alarm and exceeded tolerance display interval

  • Weight checking on 3 tolerance thresholds, obtaining 7 possible tolerance groups

  • Possibility of automatically printing on each weighing, with the possibility of storing in the alibi memory (optional)

  • Possibility of scheduling automatic zeroing (within the limit of ± 2% of capacity) after a number of weighings

  • Possibility of automatic control of a product rejection mechanism that does not fall within the tolerance limits (the mechanism is not included in the standard supply) or possibility of stopping the conveyor belt in order to manually extract the rejected product

  • Database of 1,000 items to be able to generate complete labels for each product (description, density, tolerance thresholds, etc.)

  • Statistical reports, standard deviation reports, totalisation reports

Scale Models:

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