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Product Description:

Scales with discontinuous totalisation for weighing in the technological flow of powdery, non-adherent bulk materials, such as bran or the like. BU totalising scales can operate at average product flow values, with a maximum accuracy of 0.2%.

BU discontinuous totalising scales consists of a weighing hopper as well as a feeding hopper and an unloading hopper, each with its own independently controlled unloading mouth. The hoppers are mounted on a rigid, dust-proof structure. The large sliding angles of the product in the hoppers, as well as the unloading holes of the oscillating plate , pneumatically controlled holes ensure a correct operation even at high values of the weighed product flow. To increase the accuracy and reliability of the system, the BU discontinuous totalising scale uses elastomeric dampers that attenuate operational vibrations. This, together with the digital filters of the weight indicator, allows the obtaining of very short quiet times of the product, thus increasing the weighing speed..

Technical Scale Features:

  • Precision from ± 0.2% of maximum flow rate, depending on the characteristics of the product to be measured and the technical installation solution;

  • Capacity: 2 ... 8 t/h;

  • Sensitivity: 0,01 t/h;

  • Repeatability: 0,1 %;

  • Can reach up to 400 weighing cycles per hour;

  • Power hopper with pneumatically controlled unloading port and inductive (optional) level sensors;

  • Flange connecting the supply hopper to the product flow;

  • Weighing hopper installed on 2 ... 3 load cells, depending on its size and capacity;

  • Branched connection to the company's dust removal system;

  • Connection boxes (electrical and pneumatic) located on the side of the scale;

  • Electrostatically painted ST37.1 steel resistance structure, or AISI 304 stainless steel (optional).


  • Supplying hopper with pneumatically operated unloading port and level sensors;

  • Weighing hopper with 2 ... 3 load cells and pneumatically operated unloading port;

  • Strength structure (frame);

  • Protective caps;

  • Connection port to the dust extraction system within the technological flow;

  • Electrical and pneumatic connections for attaching the installation to the power supply network;

  • Control panel with relay and distribution.

Scale Models:

Alte dimensiuni și capacități disponibile la cerere.

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