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Product Description:

Scale with a discontinuous totalisation, in batches, of bulk products (powders and granules) transferred in industrial processes, in conditions of precision and technological efficiency. Discontinuous totalisers are capable of operating at medium and high flow capacities, and have a dosing accuracy of 0.1%.

Discontinuous totalising scales may also be delivered in versions approved for legal-for-trade use, in accordance with the Directive 2014/32 / EC (MID) and OIML R107, 0.2, 0.5 or 1.0 accuracy classes .

Scales also available in ATEX versions (zones 1 and 21, 2 and 22) for use in potentially explosive environments.

Technical Scale Features:

  • The scale consists of a weighing hopper supported on load cells, and a feeding hopper installed above it. Optionally, depending on the technological flow of your company, an unloading hopper can be installed below the weighing hopper.;

  • The bunkers are fixed in a rigid and robust frame structure, with a dust cover protection. The covers can be easily removed in order access to the moving parts of the installation, as well as in the case of service and maintenance activities;

  • Pneumatically operated drains as well as the large slopes of the hoppers ensure their rapid emptying, in order to maintain the large technological flow capacity of the installation.;

  • The weighing hopper uses dampers on elastomers to attenuate any mechanical disturbances due to cyclic phenomena that occur during the dosing process. These shock absorbers, together with the digital filters applied in the electronic weighing system, ensure a minimum silence time, thus achieving optimum accuracy and weighing speed;

  • All electrical and pneumatic control components are placed in a control panel attached to the installation;

  • Operating temperatures: - 10 ... + 40 °C;

  • Flow capacity: 12 ... 900 m3/h;

  • Compressed air consumption (7 bar): 0,7 ... 55,0 l/min;

  • ST37.1 electrostatically painted steel resistance structure.


  • Supplying hopper with pneumatically operated unloading port and level sensors;

  • Weighing hopper with 2 ... 4 load cells and pneumatically operated unloading port;

  • Strength structure (frame);

  • Protective caps;

  • Connection port to the dust extraction system within the technological flow;

  • Electrical and pneumatic connections for attaching the installation to the power supply network;

  • Control panel with relay and distribution.


  • High precision and linearity;

  • High reliability;

  • Very long lifespan;

  • Wide range of areas of use;

  • Great quality/price ratio.

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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