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Scale Features:

Quick and precise platform scale, ideal for weighing palletted goods, with an excellent quality / price ratio. These platform scales are robust and precise weighing systems, easy to use and easy to transport. Mobile weight indicator with extendable cable, allowing the user to position it according to his logistical needs. When not in use, the U-type scale can be raised to an upright position, thus saving space. The measurement of loads (weights) is done by means of 4 load cells that send the measured weight to the indicator through a shielded cable of 3 m length (standard length). These platform scales are designed and manufactured in accordance with OIML R76 and EN45501 requirements for non-automatic weighing devices. Platform scales are available in a certified version for legal-for-trade use or for internal use.

Scale Features:

  • Robust steel structure, painted with oven drying

  • Spirit level, transport rollers and handle in the standard equipment of the platform

  • Works with 4 load cells, IP67 degree of protection 

  • The platform is adjustable in height thanks to the shock-resistant feet

  • Weighing platforms also available in the CE-M certified version for legal-for-trade use

  • The weight indicator keyboard is easy to clean, with an IP65 case (resistant to slightly corrosive environments)

  • Battery powered and 230 Vca charger

  • Maximum resolution of 3,000 divisions (class C3)

  • Serial port for connecting to a PC / printer with serial interface: RS232C, (RS485 and USB optional)

Scale Features:

  • Acquire and maintain zero

  • Gross / net weight weighing

  • Price calculation based on unit price

  • Price calculation in two currencies, using configurable exchange rate

  • EAN barcode generation and check digit

  • Product traceability control

  • Checks the expiration date of the product

  • Horizontal (batch) or vertical (recipe) totalization with manual or automatic download of price or quantity

  • 4 independent totalisation levels: partial, general grand or per product

  • Database of 1,000 articles, each with 4 30-character text fields for the description, EAN code with weight control digit, associated tare (associated packaging), predefined print format, unit price, expiration date, expiration date , 50 ingredients, associate customer

  • Database with 200 customers, each with 5 text fields of 30 characters

  • Database of 300 tares (packaging)

  • 15 32-character text fields that can be included on the label, e.g. code, batch ID, operator ID, exchange number, etc.

  • Computer function that allows you to add, subtract, or multiply two values, print the result, or apply it to the tare

  • 30 predefined label formats, each with up to 2,048 ASCII positions

  • Log printing function with the last 50 weighings

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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