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Product Description:

Forklift scales consisting of a pair of forks with a built-in weighing system. Robust and easy to use, this forklift scales replace the original forks of the lifting equipment, allowing the efficiency of the technological process. The weighing takes place during the transport of the palleted products. The LTF forklift scale is compatible with all forklift models with DIN 15173-FEM, class IIA and IIIA forklifts (class IIB compatibility available on request). Built in compliance with the recommendations given by OIML R76 and SR: EN 45501 standards for non-automatic weighing devices. Also available in legal-for-trade versions.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Accuracy better than ± 2% of the weighing capacity

  • Limit overload: 200% of the nominal capacity of the scale

  • Horizontal inclination (flexibility): ± 2 ° while maintaining functional characteristics

  • Scale weight: each fork weighs 75 kg (LTF25) or 90 kg (LTF50)

  • Steel structure, painted using oven drying

  • Scale with 4 load cells, with IP65 degree of protection

  • Weight indicator, IP65 degree of protection, washable keyboard (5 function keys)

  • Illuminated background LCD display with 6 digits 25 mm high

  • Powered by rechargeable batteries

  • Battery life of 40 hours in continuous operation

  • The equipment also include a battery charger (230 Vca, 50 Hz)

  • The equipment also includes a remote control (range 8 m) to facilitate the operation of the indicator directly from the cab of the forklift's operator

Scale Features:

  • Zero

  • Semi-automatic tare

  • Printing

  • Automatic shut-off to extend battery life

  • Saves peak or current load

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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