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Forklift load monitoring scales, with successive loads totalising option. LiftLog100 scales are the economical solution to increase forklift safety and loading efficiency.
Using a pressure transducer, the LiftLog 100 scale informs the forklift operator of the high load, expressed in tons or kilograms. Additionally, when the weight is close to the overload limit (or has reached this limit), an internal (optionally external) audible alarm is activated to alert the operator. There is also the option of a set of external lamps to indicate loads from 50% ... 110% of capacity. Available only in versions for technological use (internal).

Technical Scale Features:

  • LCD display indicator, installed in the forklift cab, shows the weight as a percentage of the forklift's capacity and as a bar graph

  • 3-key keyboard, easy to use, even when moving the machine

  • Totalisation function (LiftLog100 + models only)

  • Accuracy better than ± 2% of the weighing capacity

  • Intermittent audible alarm when 90% of the forklift's capacity is reached

  • Continuous audible alarm and intermittent display when the forklift reaches 100% of capacity

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Minimal maintenance

  • IP67 degree of protection that allows its use in forklifts with open cab and working outdoors

  • Unique bracket system that allows mounting in confined spaces

  • Operating temperatures - 20 ... + 40 °C

  • Power directly from the forklift's batteries (10 ... 30 Vcc)

  • Overload log function

  • Allows the efficient loading of goods vehicles so that they are loaded without exceeding the legal limit, and so that the load is correctly distributed inside the vehicle

  • Allows quantitative verification of delivered / received products

  • Increases the operating safety of the lifting equipment

  • Increase the operational efficiency of the forklift by reducing its service and maintenance operations due to overloads

  • Promotes safety and security at work by reducing the risk of accidents due to overloads

  • Maintains the lifting course and lifting capacity of the truck without affecting the operator's visibility in any way

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