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Product Description:

Stainless steel precision scales, IP65 degree of protection for laboratory and industrial applications, intended for areas with strict hygiene requirements. The double weighing range ensures increased accuracy even at low loads. Models also available in CE-M certified versions for legal-for-trade use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • LED display: 7 digits with 7 high contrast segments, 15 mm high, for weight display and 6 LED status indicators;

  • Washable keyboard with 8 function keys;

  • Stainless steel structure;

  • Stainless steel turntable, 190 x 220 mm;

  • It uses an anti-corrosion treated single point aluminium cell;

  • IP65 degree of protection;

  • Adjustable legs and spirit level;

  • Digital calibration and configuration using the scale keyboard;

  • RS232 / C bidirectional serial port for connecting to a printer or repeater display;

  • RS232 / C or RS485 bidirectional serial port for connecting to a PC, PLC or repeater display;

  • 12 Vcc power supply with 230 Vca adapter.

Scale Features:

  • Part counting;

  • Totalisation / Dosing with 3 independent total levels (subtotal, general total, grand total);

  • +/- check weighing;

  • Percentage weighing;

  • Programmable weight thresholds;

  • Zero;

  • Semi-automatic tare;

  • Printing;

  • Start/stop.

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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