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Product Description:

Counting scale, ideal for inventory operations and counting small parts. Part number checking function, weighing and totalising parts, with 10 PLU memories. CE-M certified product for legal-for-trade use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Triple backlit LCD display, each with 6 digits 20 mm high, for simultaneous display of the weight, average unit weight and number of parts;

  • Washable keyboard with 20 functional numeric keys and acoustic confirmation;;

  • IP54 degree of protection;

  • Stainless steel turntable (230 x 300 mm);

  • Spirit level and adjustable legs;

  • Power supplied with rechargeable batteries (approx. 70 h autonomy) and 230 Vca network adapter;

  • Serial port for connecting to a computer or printer;

  • Optional calibration certificate issued by an accredited laboratory;

  • Optionally, EC declaration of conformity of the product to be used in areas of public interest (legal-for-trade use);

  • Dimensions: 410x375x180 mm.

Scale Features:

  • Part counting:

    • manual introduction of the average unit weight;

    • obtaining average unit weight by sampling;

    • Insufficient sample indication;

  • Part number totalisation;;

  • Digital filter selection;

  • Keeping zero;

  • Zero point tracking;

  • Semi-automatic tare;

  • Digital calibration;

  • Backlight control;

  • Discharged batteries warning.

Scale Models:

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