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Product Description:

Industrial crane scale, robust and easy to use, used in heavy work environments, indoors and outdoors. Large LCD display allows you to read in low light conditions from any angle. Compact construction, thus maximising the course of the lifting equipment. Built in compliance with all the provisions of OIML R76 and SR: EN 45501 standard recommendations regarding non-automatic weighing devices.

CE-M certified product for legal-for-trade use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Complies with the provisions of the 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU European Directives

  • Accuracy better than ± 0.03% of capacity;

  • Stainless steel case;

  • Extremely robust construction;

  • Equipped with upper and lower lifting ring;

  • IP67 degree of protection;

  • Operating temperatures - 10 ... + 40 °C;

  • Waterproof front panel with 5 numeric and functional keys;

  • LCD display, 25 mm high, with backlight, visible even in direct sunlight from any angle;

  • Powered by rechargeable batteries;

  • Battery life up to 40 hours (continuous operation);;

  • Battery charger (230 VAC, 50 Hz) included in the equipment;

  • Infrared remote control (range max. 8 m);

  • CE-M certified product for legal-for-trade use

  • Scale weight: approx. 25 kg.

Scale Features:

  • Zero;

  • Automatic tare;

  • Programmable function key;

  • Automatic shutdown to extend battery life;

  • Programmable digital filter, anti-oscillation and anti-vibration;

  • Stores peak load (PEAK);

  • Stores current load (HOLD).

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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