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Product Description:

Pallet truck scale, for use in potentially explosive environments (zones 2 and 22), according to Ex II 3GD IIC T6 T130°C X degree of protection. ATEX certified load cells, with IP68 degree of protection, ensure high accuracy in all working conditions. These scales are made in conformity with OIML R76 and SR: EN 45501 regulations regarding non-automatic weighing devices. Scales available for legal-for-trade or internal use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2 000 kg;

  • Max=1 000/2 000 kg, e=d=0,5/1,0 kg;

  • Accuracy better than ± 0.05% of capacity (± 0,1 % of capacity for scales that are intended for internal use);

  • Dimensions of the fork: 1 150 x 550 x 85 mm;

  • Scale weight: approx. 125 kg;

  • Extremely robust, solid-steel, oven-dried resistance structure;

  • Rotating column (which allows the indication to be viewed from any angle) included in the standard equipment;

  • Double load-bearing rollers and guiding wheels with polyurethane coating;

  • Scale with 4 ATEX certified load cells, made of stainless steel, with a IP68 degree of protection;

  • Indicator with a satin stainless steel case, IP68 degree of protection;

  • Waterproof front panel with 17 numeric and functional keys;

  • Illuminated background LCD display with 6 digits 25 mm high;

  • Power supply with rechargeable batteries that can be removed and recharged in the safety zone;

  • Battery life max. 100 hours;

  • Battery charger (230Vac, 50Hz) included in the delivery. For use in the safety zone;

  • CE-M certified product for legal-for-trade use.

​Scale Features:

  • Zero;

  • Automatic tare;

  • Pre-established tare;

  • Database with 10 tare weights;

  • Enter 2 free fields (ID1 and ID2) up to 10 digits;

  • Programmable function key;

  • Automatic shutdown to extend battery life;

  • Anti-oscillation and anti-vibration programmable digital filter;

  • Stores load peak;

  • Stores current load.

​Scale Models:


Accessories and Optionals:

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