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Product Description:

Continuous dosing scales are electronic weighing systems specially designed for the continuous dosing of additives in the production flow, high precision dosing including during critical phases (such as refilling the weighing hopper). The functional principle of the continuous dosing scale is the repeated static weighing (with very high frequency) of the weighing hopper and the monitoring of the net weight loss of the product inside it. Based on the weight loss rate, the digital weight indicator emits a control signal from the weighing hopper unloading system, regulating the unloading speed.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Capacity: 5 ... 300 g/min;

  • Sensitivity: 0,01 g/min;

  • Repeatability: 0,01 %;

  • Different construction solutions for the weighing hopper: parallelepiped, cylindrical, conical with large base at the top, conical with large base at the bottom, etc.;

  • Different product unloading solutions: symmetrical conical funnel, asymmetrical conical funnel, shaker with stirrer, etc.;

  • Different downstream dosing solutions: dosing belt, screw, rotative valve, etc.;

  • Connection boxes (electrical and pneumatic) located on the side of the scale;

  • ST37.2 electrostatically painted steel resistance structure, or - optionally - AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316 stainless steel, or Hardox;

  • Also available in ATEX zone 1 and 21 certified versions for working in potentially explosive environments.

Accessories and Optionals:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel, AISI 316 stainless steel or Hardox construction solutions;

  • ATEX certified versions for use in potentially explosive environments (zones 1 and 21);

  • Dust filter;

  • Connection branch to the company's dust removal system;

  • Injection entrance valve;

  • Removable cleaning conveyor.

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