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Product Description:

Compact, portable scale for calculating the price of products weighed in the commercial field. It can be connected to the printer for totalisation functions. 10 PLU memories.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Triple backlit LCD display on the operator's side and triple LCD display on the customer's side, each with 6 digits 20 mm high, for simultaneous display of product weight, unit price and total price

  • Washable keyboard with 20 numeric and functional keys, as well as acoustic confirmation

  • Adjustable legs and built-in spirit level

  • IP54 degree of protection

  • Stainless steel turntable (218 x 267 mm)

  • Power supply with built-in rechargeable batteries (approx. 70 h autonomy) and 230 VAC network adapter

  • RS232 serial port for connecting to the printer

  • Optionally, these scales can be delivered with a calibration certificate issued by an accredited laboratory

Scale Features:

  • Price calculus:

    • addition of the unit price

    • switching unit price per kg or per 100 g

    • totalisation (optional printer)

    • rest calculation

    • 10 PLU memories

  • Bringing to zero

  • Zero point tracking

  • Semi-automatic tare

  • Digital calibration

  • Backlight control

  • Warning of discharged batteries

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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