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Product Description:

Multifunctional overhead rail scale, with wall installation, easy to maintain and use. Adapted for weighing animal carcasses on the hook, as well as weighing product boxes on the scale platform. The scale occupies very little functional space and, because it is made out of stainless steel, complies with the highest food industry-specific hygiene requirements. Built in accordance to all OIML R75 recommendations and SR:EN 45501 standard for non-automatic weighing devices. Available also in legal-for-trade versions.

Technical Scale Features:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure;

  • Wall installation, horizontal turntable adjustment mechanism and spirit level;

  • AISI 304 satin stainless steel weighing platform, foldable, equipped with a piston to prevent accidental folding;

  • Stainless steel weighing hook;

  • Equipped with one stainless steel load cell, IP68 degree of protection, additionally protected in case of highly humid environments;

  • 3 m cable for connecting to the weight indicator;

  • Plastic case indicator, with wall or desk installation, IP65 degree of protection;

  • LCD display with illuminated background and 25 mm height;

  • 5 functional keys on the user panel (front panel);

  • 230Vac battery power and network adapter;

  • RS232 serial interface for connecting to a PC or printer;

  • CE-M certified legal-for-trade scale.

Scale Features:

  • High resolution weighing (10 x)

  • Units of measurement conversion;

  • Gross weight / net weight display;

  • Totalisation;

  • Recipe dosage;

  • +/-Check weighing;

  • Percentage weighing;

  • Counting weighing (maximum internal resolution 1 500 000);

  • Peak load memory storage;

  • Current load memory storage.

Scale Connectivity:

  • 1 RS232C configurable serial port, for connecting to a printer/labelling device;

  • RS232 configurable serial interface for connecting to a PC/PLC;

  • Infrared remote control port.

Scale Models:


Accessories and Optionals:


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