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Impact scale for continuous weighing of bulk powdery or granular materials in the technological flow. This intelligent weighing system uses the impact force of the product falling on an inclined plane, thus being able to be integrated into any vertical technological flow for weighing dry and / or free-flowing bulk materials. Thanks to its very compact construction, the SCI impact scale can be integrated into existing technological lines without major changes to them. Maximum weighing accuracy ± 0.5% of current flow, in flow range 20 ... 100% of maximum flow.
The SCI impact scale comes in a rigid case, allowing it to be installed even in closed technological lines (to prevent dust generation). The impact plate is installed directly on the precision load cell, thus ensuring the transfer of force without the addition of the influencing factors that may occur in the case of multiplier mechanisms. The SCI impact scale only picks up and measures the impact force, so any accumulation of material on the impact plate will not affect the zero point. The load cell is installed so that it is separated from the product flow, this constructive solution extending the life of the system and reducing its maintenance requirements..

Technical Scale Features:

  • Accuracy starting from ± 0,5% of the current flow (in the range 20 ... 100% of the maximum flow), depending on the characteristics of the product to be measured and the technical installation solution

  • Capacity: 50 ... 400 m3/h

  • Mechanical protection of the load cell overload

  • Visiting doors on the sides of the scale, for accessing its main components

  • Construction that does not require repeated maintenance

  • Load cell access hatch for inspection

  • Dust-proof construction with rubber gaskets

  • Electrostatically painted ST37.2 steel resistance structure, or made of AISI 304 stainless steel (optional)

Scale Models:

Accessories and Optionals:

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