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Costin TOACĂ

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Product Description:

Highly precise scale for determining the humidity of products, intended for use in technological applications.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Max=210 g, d=1 mg;

  • Graphic LCD display;

  • Washable keyboard;

  • Multi-lingual interface;

  • 2 halogen lamps, 200 W;

  • 10 sampling trays;

  • Measuring accuracy: 0,01 %;

  • Drying temperature up to 160 °C;

  • Heating time up to 100 °C: approx. 1 minute;

  • Drying time up to 10 h;

  • 230 Vca power adapter;

  • PS2 connector for connecting a PC keyboard;

  • Standard RS232 serial interface for connecting to a PC or printer.

Scale Features:

  • Drying modes: stop drying at a certain time or automatic stop;

  • Calculation method: % by mass of dry product,% by initial weight or % by final weight;

  • Possibility to store up to 10 drying programs by mode, drying temperature, drying time, calculation method;

  • Calculation and printing of statistical results;

  • Graphic display of the drying process;

  • Possibility to enter free-text reports using the PC keyboard;

  • Real time clock mode (date and time);

  • Digital calibration;

  • Semi-automatic tare.

Accessories and Optionals:

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