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The Instalab 700 devices are grain analysers that combine the accuracy and stability of measurements with a user-friendly, easy-to-use, multilingual interface based on the Windows operating system with self-diagnostic features. In addition to self-diagnostic features, the operating system offers multiple possibilities for managing measurement data, connectivity and ease of use.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Ergonomic constructive solution, which ensures the most accurate NIR results

  • The patented sample cuvette rotation system virtually eliminates the errors created due to the inhomogeneity of the sample. The rotation of the cuvette is controlled by the computer, 120 measurements are made at intervals of 3 °, and then an average value is calculated for each wavelength. This method is up to 3 times more accurate than other methods of determination (sphere integration, etc.).

  • Fully parameterisable system, allows you to change the filters to adjust the bandwidth of each measurement, including cellulose, protein, sugar, ash, starch, oil and grease, alcohol, cotton and polyester

  • Up to 600 calibration values can be stored

  • Easy to use

  • Halogen-tungsten lamp

  • Stable electronics, eliminating electrical deviations and allowing a non-volatile storage of the calibration data for many cereals

  • Thermoelectrically cooled photo detector, eliminating thermic deviations

  • Interchangeability of sampling cuvettes. Cuvettes also available for liquid samples (e.g.: oils)

  • Automatic loading and unloading

  • Automatic weighing

  • Automatic temperature correction

  • Automatic density correction

  • 0,1 % resolution

  • Areas of use:

    • Cereal processing

    • Milling and Bakery

    • Ethanol production

    • Food industry

    • Meat industry

    • Textile industry

  • Operating temperatures: 2 ... 45 °C

  • Relative Humidity: 20 ... 90 % RH

  • Power supplied with a 110/240 Vca network adapter, or an adapter for powering the vehicle's lighter

  • USB, Ethernet and RS232 connectivity

  • Printer tags include a configurable header and footer

Scale Models:

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