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Product Description:

Tamtron Power bulk material scales effortlessly weigh the material during handling, unloading, or loading. Weighing data can be transferred in real time to the ERP system or other systems, thus allowing efficient control of the flow of materials..
Easy-to-use scales are designed for fast-paced material handling operations and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of lifting tools. Knowing these Power scales are approved for legal-for-trade use, the weighing results can be a basis for issuing invoices. The scales allow the weighing of different types of materials in conditions requiring a wide range of action, such as ports and terminals, recycling centers and wood processing points. Tamtron Power bulk material scales can also determine the density of green wood through its distinctive immersion weighing function.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Precise weighing results, 1 ... 2 %

  • Approved for legal-for-trade use

  • Immersion weighing function

  • Weighing data can be transferred to the cloud service or, through integration, to an ERP or other system

Scale Models:

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