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Regardless of the model of the vehicle used to load the material, the Power dumper truck scale allows the material to be easily weighed during the loading phase. This approach allows you to work at a fast pace and saves fuel, no longer having to move the vehicle to a weighbridge.
Accurate information on the quantities of material transported, loading times and destinations makes it easy to monitor the flow of materials, operational transparency and to optimise the logistics chain and the whole process. Built for harsh working conditions, the friendly interface of Power dumper truck scales allows the installation on any vehicle model.
These scales come in two constructive models: easy-to-use model for multiple storage spaces allows material quantities to be monitored by separating quantities based on material types, and the basic model is useful when there is no need for separate weighing based on types of materials and other information.

Technical Scale Features:

  • Accurate weighing results, below 2%

  • Two weighing modes for different applications

  • Weighing data can be transferred to the cloud or, through integration, to an ERP application or other computer system

Scale Models:


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